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"FABRICANO fashion house is the lighthouse in the Emirates fashion industry"

Our Approach

FABRICANO will combine the Scandinavian style with the Middle East style and make a unique Emirates style. We work on our own brand, but at the same time we work as a sub-contractor for other companies - adding value to their products.

Mission & Vission

Our mission is to make FABRICANO an internationally well-known trademark - as well-known to the world as Burj Khalifa and Burj Dubai are today. We want the world to know that FABRICANO is the trademark of the Emirates - just as Chanel is the trademark of Paris.

Values & Customers

We value design with a twist. Our fashion will turn each customer into a fashion model promoting the Emirates style. Our Customers are first and foremost the people of UAE.

Our Leadership

S. Scheel Meyer
Our Chairman Mr. Soren comes from the cold Scandinavia. He has been working all over the world in the construction, the service and the real estate business. In Dubai he is working in construction and now also in the production business.